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180 Degrees Consulting Leuven

Leuven's branch of the world's largest student-run consulting organization for social impact.

Who are we?

180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest student-run consultancy organization for non-profits & social enterprises. We develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to the challenges non-profits in the area are facing.

180 Degrees Consulting Leuven started its first operational year in September of 2019, finally bringing the most established student consultancy worldwide to the largest university in Belgium. During the past three years, the consultancy teams at 180 DC Leuven successfully completed more than 30 projects for social enterprises. We can attribute these successes to the extensive professional and personal development opportunities, through training from top-tier consulting companies, which our consultants leverage to reach their full potential.

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By joining our team you gain hands-on experience in a real-life consulting project, all while strengthening your professional skill set and expanding your personal network with like-minded and impactful peers. Sounds just like something for you? Then join us now!

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“I do not think there is a better value-for-time volunteering experience than being a 180 Degrees Consultant. It hits multiple birds with one stone – work experience, making a difference, and professional training. Why do these things separately when you can do them simultaneously?”

- Nat Ware (Founder & CEO)

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