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Current projects

Each semester, 4 to 5 projects are carefully selected to help maximize their social impact. 
As a consultant or project leader, you will be part of an exciting journey to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Here you will find a brief description of each organization as well as a brief description of the specific project that will be conducted. This time, we also have our first English projects to participate in!


Impact Licensing Initiative vzw

ILI is an organization aimed at supporting projects that create impact at scale via the UN's SDGs . It supports societal impact through technology by solving global challenges of today and tomorrow.

With this project, the aim is to create a franchise guide for developing countries, in order to enable green off-grid hydrogen cooking and cooling. 

English Project

CKF UZ Leuven

The "Centrum voor Klinische Farmacologie" of the UZ Leuven hospital conducts research in the field of upcoming medicines and tests these new medicines through a high quality and carefully set out procedure.

This project will be geared towards finding an optimal way of working to schedule clinical studies for CKF.

Dutch Project

ArmenTeKort vzw

ArmenTeKort in an Antwerp-based non-profit whose goal it is to empower people in a less privileged position to help them overcome societal hurdles and to abolish poverty. It runs a buddy project in order to obtain this goal. 

The aim of this project is to demonstrate that social housing has a positive impact on the local economy and to calculate this very impact.

English Project

Aroma's vzw

Aroma's is a non-profit currently active in Ghent, which aims at connecting young people (like students) with elderly people living alone, by facilitating informal cooking sessions.

For this project, Aroma's wants to learn if an expansion to Leuven is feasible and what way they could most efficiently enter Leuven.

Dutch Project

Velo Leuven vzw

Velo is known in the wide region around Leuven for its lasting impact on everything to do with cycling. Among other things, they rent out bikes, repair them, guide people towards bikes and provide training. 

This project will be geared towards figuring out how Velo can better promote its services to newly incoming students in Leuven. 

Dutch Project