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Most recent projects

Each semester, 4 to 5 projects are carefully selected to help maximize their social impact. 
As a consultant or project leader, you will be part of an exciting journey to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Here you will find a brief description of each organization as well as a brief description of the specific projects that are taking place during the current semester



Edison is a partnership created between several partners such as UCLL, KU Leuven and Brightlab. This partnership aims to reach developers, deployers, schools and local governments and act as matchmaker. They want to fulfil this function in the context of the many STE(A)M academies currently active in Flemish Brabant.

This project aims to formulate a strategy for bridging the gap between STE(A)M academies and businesses by understanding business needs, identifying successful practices, and finding ways for transparent communication. By facilitating clear alignment and efficient engagement, the strategy should maximize opportunities and benefits for both parties.


Impact Licensing Initiative (ILI) is a catalyst for technology owners to create large-scale impact. To generate impact and scale economically sustainably, ILI co-creates with social enterprises a distribution model to access the predetermined market. ILI provides solutions as an independent, external, and non-profit-oriented organisation with the necessary expertise.

The project involves the establishment of micro-pharmacies - compact units with essential medicines. These micro-pharmacies are used by nurses, enabling them to provide easier access to necessary medication for residents. The project requires the development of a business plan, including market research and other challenges in two different African countries. 

Leuven Restorative City

Leuven Restorative City (LRC) aims to inspire and support citizens, organizations and businesses to engage in restorative conflict resolution and decision-making processes. LRC connects existing initiatives to strengthen themselves, conducts research on restorative work, and develops pilot projects. Furthermore, they provide training in conflict resolution for businesses and organizations.

The first phase of the project will focus on doing extensive market research to identify the specific needs and preferences of potential partners within the business sector. The next phase will then focus on developing a strong marketing strategy to highlight the unique benefits of LRC's conflict resolution training and convince  business partners of the initiative.


ToolBox vzw aims to enhance the management of social-purpose organisations with beneficiaries in Belgium, achieved through the voluntary provision of expertise. ToolBox’ knowledge and the experience of their professional volunteers assist directors and teams in addressing the challenges within their organisations.

The project aims to create a strategy for enhancing the management of professional volunteers and maximising Toolbox's impact through a more effective volunteer community.

Rode Kruis

The Red Cross is committed to providing emergency relief, medical assistance, and promoting health and well-being around the world. Through its extensive network of volunteers and professionals, the Red Cross provides emergency disaster relief, supports blood donations, and provides first aid training, among other projects.

This consulting project centers around the ZorgBib project which aims to conduct market analysis to identify the correct target group to support a subsidy request. Additionally, a robust growth plan that sets the course for Zorgbib’s expansion needs to be formulated.