Apply Now

The application process explained:

Step 1: Online application

Click the link at the top of this page to start your application when the applications are opened. You will have to submit your CV along with a motivation as to why you would like to join us.

Step 2: Get to know us

We provide the opportunity to get to know us and ask questions regarding 180 DC and the recruiting proces by regestering for on online chat with one our board members.

Step 3a: Case interview

You will be presented a case by a case leader from 180 DC, which you will have to solve in a group of people. This will take around 25-35 min. in total, after which you have to provide your findings to the evaluating board.

Step 3b: Personal fit interview

During this interview (also known as PEI), you will be asked about previous experiences, your motivations for joining 180 DC Leuven, what kind of person you are and so on. Typically you will also get the chance to ask your questions you might have for us.

Step 4: Receive your result & feedback

After completing step 2a and 2b of the application process, your application will be reviewed by the 180 DC Leuven board. If we find your application to be withheld, you will receive an e-mail or call notifying you of this good news. In any case, you will have the chance to ask for feedback.

Step 5: Kick-off event!

After receiving the good news, you will receive information on the first event of 180 DC Leuven organized for you: the kick-off event! At this event, you will have the chance to meet your team mates which you will be working with, as well as have the chance to network and participate in a workshop.