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About Us

Our mission is to create social impact by offering consulting services to socially engaged organizations and improve their effectiveness.

We help organizations to develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to whatever challenges they are facing.

Our consultants work on a volunteer basis because they believe in the work we’re doing. As a result, we are able to offer quality consulting services without the usual price tag. During the process, we are assisted by consultants who work in recognized consultancy firms

Alumni Testimonials

Jari Ingang

Senior Business Analyst at Kearney

During the last 2 years 180 Degrees Consulting has been a catalyst in my student life in 3 main ways. Firstly, thanks to roles as consulting director and president, I improved both my hard skills and soft skills while creating social impact. Secondly, I got to meet like-minded students, some of which have become my closest friends. And thirdly, it proved to be a gateway to my first job at Kearney.

Lise Ceulemans

Associate Consultant at BCG

180 Degrees Consulting to me were my first steps into the world of consultancy. To test the waters and see whether I could one day become a consultant, and enjoy it too. Two years later, I landed my first strategic management consultancy job. The people I’ve met along the way, both 180DC members and partners, made the journey unforgettable. I will always be truly grateful for my 180DC family.

Annelore Louis

Business Analyst at Brightwolves

Two years ago, when to 180DC branch was established, I had no doubts in joining the organisation. This primarily because of its strong focus on the creation of social impact and its eagerness to provide students a large number of learning opportunities. In the end, 180DC Leuven enabled me to develop on both a professional and personal level, gave me the chance to make friends for life and helped me in receiving my first job offers.